Milieu Forager is a gallery that showcases life's fleeting moments as masterpieces to be appreciated.
— issue 8
the winding paths

The Winding Paths

There’s something to be said for taking the crooked paths. They offer the traveller no choice but to surrender control and foresight. In return, they offer discovery, spontaneity, and—often—charm. These are the journeys worth celebrating.

A road in Monument Valley

Set in Stone

Although rocks and stones are ubiquitous no matter your geographic location, the forces and energies created by nature and human beings alike shape stones into objects of admiration. Here, we take a closer look at a few of the forms in which stone attracts our attention.

Away from the Maelstrom

Away from the Maelstrom

Day in, day out. We’re running from one place to another, one task to another, always chasing down work that needs to get done. If we don’t forcibly pull ourselves away, we may never escape its mad grip. We occasionally need to step away and regain our perspective.

Sunlight filtering through snow-covered branches

Change is in the Air

Every year, the seasons change, and we adjust with them. But how does a living creature sense the cycling of the seasons? How do we predict the shifts in the weather, the light, and the air?

Thoughts from a Gardener

Thoughts from a Gardener

Nurturing plants—regardless of shape, type, color, or size—can be a fulfilling experience. Beyond the generous displays of growth and beauty, we’re given a chance to form a special bond with nature that surrounds us.

The View from the Window

When we travel to a new city or country, we are surrounded by its residents who have made this place their home. Sometimes, simply looking out of the window can reveal a little bit about what it’s like to live in their world.

As the Mosses Do

Amid this month of resolutions and frenzied change, we encourage you to stop for a moment, hunker down, and get eye-to-eye with this humble green lifeform. We think it has a lot to teach us.

A view of a blue sky over a pond and hills

The View From Outdoors

As December yields to January and the new year ahead, we are often swept away by the flurry of transition, the dynamics of change, and the promise of a blank slate. Another way to hit reset? A trip through Mother Nature’s gardens. Here, we extend an invitation to enjoy the delights of a brief venture outdoors, from babbling brooks to rolling hillsides.

— issue 7

Snippet: The Pleasures of Wandering

The holidays can be a stressful time. Amid all of the festivities, some will get overwhelmed by all of the faces and places; others will be missing loved ones who they will not celebrate this year. Here’s a reminder to take a little time and recenter yourself when you need it.

Houses on a hill in San Francisco

Homeward Bound

With the arrival of the winter holidays in many countries, scattered families reconvene and old schoolmates reunite, if only for a brief few days. Instead of seeking new experiences, we return to familiar faces, nostalgic past times, and re-told stories of the recent past.

When the Leaves Fall

As the heat of the summer sun bids us farewell, the fiery colors of autumn leaves take its place to provide a whole new type of warmth.

Ceramic pots

Snippet: Lost Time

A short reflection on the benefits of losing time.

Observing Our Thoughts

Observing Our Thoughts

Fact and opinion. Evidence and analysis. Observation and conclusion. Whatever we call these concepts, we put them to use constantly. Oftentimes, the two are used interchangeably. What are the dangers of doing so, and why do they happen?

Ancient Greek Artifacts

Made by Design

One can learn much about a person by the objects he or she crafts and the ideas he or she cultivates. Whether we are investigating the way of life of the inhabitants of ancient Greece or discovering the life story behind the acquaintance sitting across the table, careful observation of how and why they interact with and respond to their surroundings can elucidate how their social milieu has shaped them.

The Bright Side

The Bright Side

After the rain comes the rainbow. And after the rainbow…life. In the real world, the rainbow is not the ending. It is simply a moment in time, one that follows the rain but also one that precedes more events, more decisions, more challenges. If the rainbow inspires happiness, can we bring that happiness along with us to inspire the next steps of our journey?

A view upward of Boston's downtown buildings

Building Space

We spend a lot of time talking about homes, the permeating ambiance, the treasured knick-knacks, and the inviting coziness. However, a home is defined not just by the residents and their layers of memories, but also by the physical walls and windows that delineate the space. Although we often treat these concrete elements as invisible, blank skeletons that hold up the pieces of our lives, the external structures of a house, apartment, or studio are patient, steadfast companions to everyday life.

The Mysteries at the Corner

Ah, the humble corner. It can be found seemingly anywhere and everywhere. Handfuls of them surround us, quite literally, at every turn. Is there a meaning to the omnipresence?