Milieu Forager is a gallery that showcases life's fleeting moments as masterpieces to be appreciated.
— Issue 3
Sunrise over San Francisco

The Morning Ritual

Some mornings are mad rushes to make it out the door, while others are leisurely with time to think and reflect. What mornings habits do you follow, no matter how frantic the pace? We ask some friends for their answers.

Word on the Street

Dots, dashes, lines, shapes—there are lots of strange markings hiding on the streets of San Francisco. Have you heard their stories?

Urban Grids: Beacon Hill

Explore what it is that defines a neighborhood and peek into one of America’s historic residential corners: Beacon Hill, Boston.

Urban Grids: Financial District

Every major metropolitan city has a Financial District, and San Francisco is no exception. In the third post of our series, we capture the highly gridded facades of this downtown neighborhood.

Urban Grids: The Heights

For the second post in this series, we explore the rich and stately neighborhoods that follow San Francisco’s northern coast—Presidio Heights, Laurel Heights, and Pacific Heights.

Urban Grids: Chinatown

Within urban spaces, grids can be found almost anywhere. In this series, we take a look at where these grids are and explore how they differ in expression between neighborhoods. Up first: San Francisco’s Chinatown.

— Issue 2
Palace of Versailles

Collecting Treasures

A brief history of art collections throughout the ages, and a reflection on the lives of historical and cultural objects.

Searching for Beauty

There is an undeniable pull to objects of our past—after history has given them significance, after they’ve gained the patina of nostalgia. How does this connection form? Can the qualities that give an object beauty and appreciation simply not exist until after time does its work?

Alarm clock

Rest Stops

Living things experience a constant flow of movement through space and time. Is it possible to remain still, even for a moment?

The Edge of the World

This past weekend, I visited one edge of the world. It wasn’t really that far of a journey. I’ve always lived near it and now live closer to it than I’ve ever been. I can actually see it from my bedroom window on the clear days. But I decided I wanted to know it better. So I packed a few things, hopped on a train, and went exploring along the edge of the world.

Telephone wires

The Hidden Conversation

Telephone poles and wires are relics of the recent past, tilted and neglected like figures trying to stay out of the way of the stream of modern, wireless communication. However, they are also a persevering reminder of the physical, tangible connection between two people engaged in conversation.


The marks of time surround us. A line on paper, a texture on wood, a trace of dust on the surface, a scattering of dirt on the road. What stories and wisdom do they have to tell us?

Museum courtyard.

In Your Absence

Reflections on the possibilities of an unoccupied room, and why we feel the urge to determine what happened when we were out.