Fading Moments: Looking West

Endings can be sad and lonely affairs, but they are also opportunities to look forward to new beginnings. We follow the fading light to see what it reveals.

Snippet: Reflections

Rainfall was heavy at the end of this year. Seeing so many bright and serene surfaces glinting back at me inspired me to do a little of my own reflecting.

Seeking Warmth

The weather and temperature can have a strong effect on our moods and behavior. With the approach of winter, how do our habits and patterns change to adapt to the cooler chill?

Can You See Me?

Fog clouds the landscape, obscures the vision, and hides the beauty that was visible just yesterday. We took one recent foggy day as an opportunity to forget about what we wanted to see, and instead enjoy the fleeting shapes that rose before our eyes.

The Living Garden

The act of tending to a being other than ourselves can provide a gentle reminder to listen not only to the needs of the things around us, but also to the needs of our bodies and minds.

Rain Trails

An unusual rain blew through the region last weekend. Its strange timing was oddly soothing amidst the recent hustle and bustle. Caught by surprise, I found myself observing details that I usually overlook.

Without Directions

The benefits of taking the time to travel without a map every once in awhile.

Change of Pace

A place becomes a very different creature when the timing is right. Even those with world-famous qualities and lore—like San Francisco’s Financial District—have a little-known and hidden side.