To many of us, the sight of a creek or river is such a common one that we often forget that they’re there. However, the ties that connect these moving bodies of water to the people who thrive from their proximity are always essential.

To Be a Tree

Or, how to grow strong, be humble, and live a life of wisdom.

Home Cooking

Gastronomical pleasure can be derived from the well-balanced flavors and textures of an excellent dish, and sometimes more so from the memories associated with the last time you ate it. Here, we remember a few fond childhood memories of cooking with family.

Snippet: Monkey Bars

Reflecting on the childhood appeal of playgrounds, despite the inevitable bumps and bruises.

The Passage of Time

Time is a fickle thing. It flies, it crawls, it stretches; it even disappears. It can be broken into pieces—“sometimes”; repeat itself—“time and time again”; stretch on infinitely—“all the time”. How does it do that?

Enjoying The Ephemeral: Winter Tree Flowers

It’s amazing how terribly brief the most precious moments in life are. Like a flower blooming in a tree, reaching a beauty and delicateness peak, and then quickly decaying. Fortunately, after a good moment is gone, another one will follow at a different place and time, with the same or different people, or alone. But maybe, the fact that we know that moment won’t last is something that makes us appreciate it more.

The Sentient Perspective: Gratitude

Gratitude and appreciation, for both your surroundings and yourself, are vital to an optimistic view of life. In this last post in the series, we consider the circumstances in which we feel thankful, as well as how to find and nurture feelings of gratefulness.

The Sentient Perspective: Empathy

One defining characteristic of human beings is the ability to mirror the emotions of our neighbors and sympathize with their happiness or plight. Here, we consider how empathy shapes our mindsets, whether we are thinking about work or play.

The Sentient Perspective: Curiosity

Allowing a moment of curiosity in your everyday comings and goings can have a small, but important, effect on how you perceive the events of the day. Here, we explore curiosity, investigating the social pressures that cause us to hide our questions and the reasons we benefit from asking them.