Milieu Forager is a gallery that showcases life's fleeting moments as masterpieces to be appreciated.
— issue 9
A plate of couscous, squash, and shrimp

Nature’s Bounty

Some of nature’s best gifts to us really do grow on trees: the most succulent oranges, the most fragrant almonds, or the juiciest peaches. Here, we take a few moments to consider the bounty of fruits and vegetables that we might eat every day, but which are delectable and life-giving in more ways than one.

Snippet: All, One

I am one person. A single entity in a sea of entities. If I were to depart my body for a moment and rise into the air, up and up and up, and then look down at my physical form from this new vantage point…I’d be a speck indistinguishable from the masses.

Evening clouds

Waking At Dusk

As darkness falls and the last of the sun’s light begins to fade, a particular stillness sets in, inviting us to take a moment to contemplate the beauty of dusk.

the mysteries of light

The Mysteries of Light

Light. It enables us to see, but we cannot see it. We can only observe its effects on the world around us. It’s the bright edge amidst darkened angles, the dappled shadows, the reflected field of white.

Mosaic floors at the Library of Congress

Pattern Play

We often notice patterns as pleasingly symmetrical decorations: the ornamentation on the rim of a plate, perhaps, or a tiled border in a repeating motif on the floor. However, patterns are easily found just about anywhere, even with just a little bit of searching.

a diary for a week

A Diary of a Week

Even the most boring of weeks has its charming points. To remind myself of life’s simple joys, I chronicled the mundane elements of one week from my life.

— issue 8
The streets of San Francisco, sunset

In The Care of Others

When you think of those who shaped your childhood, who do you remember? In this post, we remember a few memories with those who tended and nurtured us during life’s most formative years.

the winding paths

The Winding Paths

There’s something to be said for taking the crooked paths. They offer the traveller no choice but to surrender control and foresight. In return, they offer discovery, spontaneity, and—often—charm. These are the journeys worth celebrating.

A road in Monument Valley

Set in Stone

Although rocks and stones are ubiquitous no matter your geographic location, the forces and energies created by nature and human beings alike shape stones into objects of admiration. Here, we take a closer look at a few of the forms in which stone attracts our attention.

Away from the Maelstrom

Away from the Maelstrom

Day in, day out. We’re running from one place to another, one task to another, always chasing down work that needs to get done. If we don’t forcibly pull ourselves away, we may never escape its mad grip. We occasionally need to step away and regain our perspective.

Sunlight filtering through snow-covered branches

Change is in the Air

Every year, the seasons change, and we adjust with them. But how does a living creature sense the cycling of the seasons? How do we predict the shifts in the weather, the light, and the air?

Thoughts from a Gardener

Thoughts from a Gardener

Nurturing plants—regardless of shape, type, color, or size—can be a fulfilling experience. Beyond the generous displays of growth and beauty, we’re given a chance to form a special bond with nature that surrounds us.

The View from the Window

When we travel to a new city or country, we are surrounded by its residents who have made this place their home. Sometimes, simply looking out of the window can reveal a little bit about what it’s like to live in their world.

As the Mosses Do

Amid this month of resolutions and frenzied change, we encourage you to stop for a moment, hunker down, and get eye-to-eye with this humble green lifeform. We think it has a lot to teach us.

A view of a blue sky over a pond and hills

The View From Outdoors

As December yields to January and the new year ahead, we are often swept away by the flurry of transition, the dynamics of change, and the promise of a blank slate. Another way to hit reset? A trip through Mother Nature’s gardens. Here, we extend an invitation to enjoy the delights of a brief venture outdoors, from babbling brooks to rolling hillsides.