Milieu Forager is a gallery that showcases life's fleeting moments as masterpieces to be appreciated.
— issue 11

Composing Space

So many of the spaces that surround us are given names. These names often dictate the use of a space and signal the right of ownership. His home, her office, the park. What are we really aiming to achieve here?


Home Making

We consider what it means to make a home and why humans feel such a strong affinity for the places in which they live.

Travels Through Time

Travels Through Time

While some people are driven to explore as many different places as possible in a single moment of time, I prefer to explore a single place in as many different moments of time as I can. How else can you see transformation occur?


Companion In The Sky

Like many before us, we take an opportunity to consider the moon: her beauty, her symbolism, and her eternal presence.

What if?

What If?

Imagination and dreams are powerful things. They let us explore better scenarios, ideal futures, improved lives. What happens when our minds cease to wander?


Laughing Out Loud

For centuries, excellent etiquette and social behavior have been valued as a mark of good character, dictating how we act in response to a myriad of situations. We are asked to hide our true colors in order to appear pleasantly agreeable, and to don a set of prescribed traits to obtain success. But what does having the perfect personality actually achieve?

The Weightless Mind

The Weightless Mind

An ode to imagination, unfettered by reality and judgement, free to roam the endless halls of wonder: We think reality needs to make way for imagination every once in awhile to keep our lives interesting.


The Items That Belong

Many of us know what it is like to own too many things: they stuff our closets, overfill our cupboards, and lurk in the corners of our rooms, discarded and forgotten. While it can be tempting to toss them out to clear up some much-needed space, an argument can also be made for going through our neglected belongings and returning them to regular use in our lives.

An Era of Intentions

An Era of Intentions

If there is one word to categorize the world we live in today, it’s “distraction”. It’s the antithesis of all attempts to be thoughtful and considered. But for many of us, it’s important not to lose site of our goals and intentions.

— issue 10

Freedom of Movement

As terrestrial beings, our movements are restricted to the ground, unless we climb a tree or mountain or dive into the ocean depths. What would life be like if our movements through the air and sea were uninhibited and free?

Taking In the Air

In an era where our relationship with nature is far from certain, where do we stand? News and politics are very adamant about the story of people first, nature second. Science is just as eager to convince us of the opposite. What about the everyday folk, people like you and me?

Cozy Comforts

Cozy (adjective). 1. Enjoying or affording warmth and ease. 2. Marked by or providing contentment or comfort. 3. Marked by the intimacy of the family or a close group. – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Dictating Numbers

By the Numbers

Numbers are pervasive in our world. Whether we see their physical forms or simply move through the results of calculations and forecasting, there’s no escaping them. But have we become too dependent on them?



As humans, we measure time in seconds, minutes, hours, and days. But for creatures who can live thousands of years or only a few days, how do they perceive time’s passing?

the world above me

The World Above Me

Our lives are mercilessly filled with the cacophony of hustle and bustle. When I need to get away from it all, I like to take a break by aiming my eyes upward, towards a different world, one that exists in the canopies just above my head.


The Call Of Water

An ode to the special relationship that humans have with water.

The Feathered Crowds

The Feathered Crowds

During my last visit to the beach, I came upon some impressive flocks of birds. There were some small, some large—both the birds and the great groups they huddled in. White, greys, black, tan, and little specks of orange clustered together and flitted about.


Life With Plants

What makes a houseplant happy? We share a few stories and lessons of our own from a few years of growing up with our leaf-bearing friends.

An Ode to the Wild Ocean

An Ode to the Wild Ocean

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a fascination with the ocean. I’m not sure exactly what draws me to it. But seeing it always leaves me feeling exhilarated and at peace at the same time. Regardless of the time of day, regardless of the weather—I could watch it for hours.