A Diary of a Week

Even the most boring of weeks has its charming points. To remind myself of life’s simple joys, I chronicled the mundane elements of one week from my life.

Day 1

— Sunday, April 29th

Today was a Sunday much like any other. Some errands in the morning, then brunch with family at the local dim sum joint, followed by a couple more errands and a semi-usual trip to the library. I couldn’t resist getting some ice cream on my way back home.

Nothing about today was particularly jarring; nothing stood out. But overall it made for a quite satisfying day.

day 1



What a hectic start to the week. The usual Monday morning meetings jostled for space with a handful of not-so-usual, project-specific meetings, as well as a couple of scheduled working sessions. This was highly different from my usual day, which has one or two scheduled events but otherwise allows for plenty of time to address projects at my own pace. My thoughts felt like they were constantly running from one thing to the next. Like scattered bits blown hither and yonder, they briefly came into view and refused to be caught before dancing out of reach again.

At the end of the day, I’m still not sure what happened. If my thoughts have finally reached the ground, I’m sure they’re in a disordered array.

day 2


— Tuesday, May 1st

How is it already the first day of the fifth month of the year?

The second day of the work week, I felt a little more in control of things (despite my bewilderment at the passage of time.) A lot happened today, still no different than yesterday, but thankfully I had a little more space to breathe between different tasks. It was just the right amount of space to pull my thoughts in order, record the ideas from the last hour, and (just barely) prepare myself for the next task at hand.

Ideally, I’d be able to not only pull my thoughts in order, but tuck and tie them neatly into regular systems. But really, who ever has the time for that?

day 3


— Wednesday, MAY 2nd

I woke up really early this morning for no apparent reason. Not being able to go back to sleep, I went through my morning rituals and walked out the door bright and early.

I was grateful for the extra commute reading time, a leisurely stroll through some picturesque neighborhoods of my city, a chance to snag a tasty breakfast, and even a few moments to snap some shots of neighbors starting their day.

I still managed to make it into the office way ahead of schedule. I have to admit, I felt smug satisfaction at knowing I could spend so much of my morning on self-care without compromising the rest of my day. I really am a morning person.

day 4


— Thursday, MAY 3rD

I ran into a friend on the bus ride home today. Turns out both of us are over our heads at work. But we didn’t want to dwell too long on that, having just finished a full day of work (and both of us also having gotten out of work at a reasonable time today.)

We talked quite a bit about the state of the restaurants in our neighborhood. It’s no surprise that, like most San Francisco restaurants, there’s lots of turnover. Between the two of us, we easily named 5 restaurants that had closed in the past two months. And those are all within a 20-minute walk of each other. And along the same street. What was interesting was how fast all of these spots had been snatched up by another person with grand ambitions for a new restaurant. There’s been gossip about what one of those restaurants might become, and the other four are simply under construction with nary a sign in place, but all of these storefronts are definitely spending a solid chunk of someone’s money.

I admire the tenacity of all these chefs and restauranteurs who chase after their dreams in such a saturated and volatile city like San Francisco. It makes me think that I really should not be complaining about my busy work day—at least I don’t have to worry about the bills while I’m focused on creativity.


— FriDAY, MAY 4th

I took a much needed break from what’s become the routine of everyday life. It started with rising from bed an hour earlier than usual, which was not quite as relaxing as I’d prefer. But the rest of the day consisted of watching scenery passing outside a train window for hours, reading a couple hundred pages of a book, wandering through the quaint streets of a college town, and snacking on various foods I didn’t need to cook myself. Okay, there was a little bit of computer keyboard tapping in there—but much less than usual. My tummy feels more uncomfortable than usual but otherwise I am very pleased with how this day played out. I could use more of these days.

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