mi -lieu´
(mē  lyû´), n. —
Surroundings, environment. Not only shapes and nourishes us to grow into ourselves and what we have become, but provides a backdrop against which we are reflected and understood.
(fŏr´ ĭj·ẽr), n. —
One who seeks and gathers from his or her surroundings. A contrasting role to that of an explorer seeking new lands. This role provides respite from the journey towards the distant destinations and goals we aspire to, and allows us to enjoy the plenty and bounty that is already within our reach.

In the rush of our overloaded, overstimulated, and overwhelmed lives, chasing down "the next big thing" often becomes a filter used to simplify our lives. However, we believe that the smaller moments are worth savoring because they help us find happiness and contentment in each day. By curating moments from our own lives, we help people become more perceptive about how we can improve ourselves and our communities by taking the time to slow down and enjoy what is around us. We invite you to see things in a new light and connect with us over these little experiences.

With a shift in perspective, what was once mundane and everyday becomes a source of delight and curiosity.

Who We Are
Emily L.
Emily manages community relations and outreach for Milieu Forager. She spends the majority of her non-sleeping hours rummaging for data, scratching out experiments, and tinkering with glassware—otherwise, training to become a reasonable scientist. On the side, she collects cookbooks and seeks new recipes, aspiring to nourish herself and others. She is still perfecting the art of uniform slicing and developing the patience required to properly heat a pan. She also ventures out with friends and family on non-serious visits to the art museum, ballet, or orchestra. She prefers sharing a residence with green leafy things that possess an affinity for sunlight, the ability to grow, and a unique talent for producing oxygen.
Kimberly L.
Kimberly oversees visual and brand development for Milieu Forager. By day, she tackles problems with an arsenal of color, letters, and pixels; by night, she is a muser, writer, and crafter of tiny pieces of colored paper. While she is unquestionably a sun-loving introvert at heart, one of her favorite pastimes is to share evenings and food with friends and family. She loves passing time with inspiring, creative people who not only teach her how to enjoy life, but also how to spread that irresistible joy to others.