Chasing Light

Everyday objects become strange, intriguing canvases for a fleeting moment.

Handwritten Perspectives

A reflection on the disappearance of the handwritten note, and an appreciation for the simple tools involved in letter and card writing.

A Bounty of Greens

The city by the bay enjoys dazzling displays of green during the first months of the year. To some, the greenery is but a pesky tangle of weeds, brought to life by the onslaught of rain. But before you set your heart on removing them from sight, take a moment to hear their stories. There’s more to them than what meets the eye.

The Kitchen Inhabitants

For the modern day human, the preparation of food is an unavoidable preface to the act of eating. Cooking is, in some ways, a necessary task, a means to an end that features a nourishing and delicious meal. However, cooking is also an opportunity to appreciate the food we eat and the people we share that food with.

New Day: Looking East

January is a time to celebrate the new year, new goals, and new ideas. In this spirit of fresh opportunity, we stopped to take in a more humble yet breathtaking beginning—that of the new day.


With so many priorities pulling our attention from one task to another, it is easy to leave behind the experiences and routines that nourish us as individuals. However, our smallest (and sometimes, most aimless) creations can be the ones that give us the greatest sources of delight.

Finding Joy

We are sometimes told that joy is something to be sought out, as if we had lost it or hidden it away. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and take in what is around you. You might just remember that a source of joy has been right by your side.