The Weightless Mind

An ode to imagination, unfettered by reality and judgement, free to roam the endless halls of wonder: We think reality needs to make way for imagination every once in awhile to keep our lives interesting.

The Items That Belong

Many of us know what it is like to own too many things: they stuff our closets, overfill our cupboards, and lurk in the corners of our rooms, discarded and forgotten. While it can be tempting to toss them out to clear up some much-needed space, an argument can also be made for going through our neglected belongings and returning them to regular use in our lives.

An Era of Intentions

If there is one word to categorize the world we live in today, it’s “distraction”. It’s the antithesis of all attempts to be thoughtful and considered. But for many of us, it’s important not to lose site of our goals and intentions.