Snippet: The Pleasures of Wandering

The holidays can be a stressful time. Amid all of the festivities, some will get overwhelmed by all of the faces and places; others will be missing loved ones who they will not celebrate this year. Here’s a reminder to take a little time and recenter yourself when you need it.

Homeward Bound

With the arrival of the winter holidays in many countries, scattered families reconvene and old schoolmates reunite, if only for a brief few days. Instead of seeking new experiences, we return to familiar faces, nostalgic past times, and re-told stories of the recent past.

When the Leaves Fall

As the heat of the summer sun bids us farewell, the fiery colors of autumn leaves take its place to provide a whole new type of warmth.

Snippet: Lost Time

A short reflection on the benefits of losing time.

Observing Our Thoughts

Fact and opinion. Evidence and analysis. Observation and conclusion. Whatever we call these concepts, we put them to use constantly. Oftentimes, the two are used interchangeably. What are the dangers of doing so, and why do they happen?

Made by Design

One can learn much about a person by the objects he or she crafts and the ideas he or she cultivates. Whether we are investigating the way of life of the inhabitants of ancient Greece or discovering the life story behind the acquaintance sitting across the table, careful observation of how and why they interact with and respond to their surroundings can elucidate how their social milieu has shaped them.

The Bright Side

After the rain comes the rainbow. And after the rainbow…life. In the real world, the rainbow is not the ending. It is simply a moment in time, one that follows the rain but also one that precedes more events, more decisions, more challenges. If the rainbow inspires happiness, can we bring that happiness along with us to inspire the next steps of our journey?

Building Space

We spend a lot of time talking about homes, the permeating ambiance, the treasured knick-knacks, and the inviting coziness. However, a home is defined not just by the residents and their layers of memories, but also by the physical walls and windows that delineate the space. Although we often treat these concrete elements as invisible, blank skeletons that hold up the pieces of our lives, the external structures of a house, apartment, or studio are patient, steadfast companions to everyday life.

The Mysteries at the Corner

Ah, the humble corner. It can be found seemingly anywhere and everywhere. Handfuls of them surround us, quite literally, at every turn. Is there a meaning to the omnipresence?