Enjoying The Ephemeral: Winter Tree Flowers

It’s amazing how terribly brief the most precious moments in life are. Like a flower blooming in a tree, reaching a beauty and delicateness peak, and then quickly decaying. Fortunately, after a good moment is gone, another one will follow at a different place and time, with the same or different people, or alone. But maybe, the fact that we know that moment won’t last is something that makes us appreciate it more. The Japanese even have its own expression to refer to this: mono no aware (物の哀れ). We can think of it as the appreciation and melancholy towards the beauty of ephemeral things, and in Japanese culture it has a direct translation in a number of manifestations, for example hanami (花見), the famous cherry blossom celebration.

Enjoying the blooming trees can become not only a metaphor of the fading moments, but an actual precious moment that you can enjoy and remember.

Just take time to investigate and locate the nearest trees. To begin with, you can look for almond, cherry or plum trees nearby. Or you can go even further, and drive to the field, if there is any.

There are blooming trees throughout the year, but the first blooming ones are the former.

Once there, you may find out you’re not alone. A tiny friend may be enjoying the experience as well, in a different way, though.

Suddenly, you will realize ambient light started changing to more orange and yellow tones and diminishing its intensity.

It’s the trace of time.

The cycle is reaching its end and your moment, this moment, will have finished too.

At this point you will realize that two generations are meeting under your feet: the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. They are totally connected.

It’s almost over. Are you ready for the next moment?

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