Fading Moments: Looking West

As the day ends, the hum of activity and the chorus of bird song fade away. Colors deepen and darken. Quiet contentment settles into the air. Light is swallowed by darkness. But at the very edges of the horizon, the smallest twinkles come out to play. With the end of one moment comes the beginning of another.

early sunset colors

The thinnest veils of clouds and haze were once hidden by the brilliance of the sun. Now that the sun readies for sleep, the wisps catch the remnants of light, painting the sky in strokes of pinks and yellows.


the past year


the new year

sunset colors

Shadows grow, stretch, lengthen—reaching out in webs and tendrils to cover our world.

late sunset colors

It is not long before the view is enveloped in darkness. Dim shapes lose their form. The stillness of the air makes the world feel quite empty, even alone. What is the significance of our activities and thoughts from just hours ago? Do they still exist, or have they been taken away with the glowing light, too?

twilight colors

Is this a chance to start anew?

twinkling stars

Shed the burdens of yesteryear. As if they are simply clothes that cover true beauty, let regrets and worries slide from the mind.

Walk amongst the forests of memories, collecting only those recollections that glint with promise. These will glow like warm coals. Hold them close so they will provide the warmth and light to guide us into a new year.

Gather the knowledge that was hidden away in months past. Once left in the crevices to transform from fragile thoughts into seeds, they are finally strong enough to flourish and grow for years to come.

Take the blessing of darkness and transform those things that caused pain. When no one is able to see us work our simple magic, blur the rough edges and twirl the sharp points.

twinkling stars

When the sun arises again in the west, a new beginning will arrive.

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