Rain Trails

An unusual rain blew through the region last weekend. Its strange timing was oddly soothing amidst the recent hustle and bustle. Caught by surprise, I found myself observing details that I usually overlook.

Saturday, 10/15

Forecast: occasional showers


As drops fell on the roof and bounced from windowsills, I was lulled to a calm state of mind. I found myself staring out the window. But rather than the usual views, it was the windowpane that caught my eye. Patterns lazily swirled, ran, and popped just inches from me.

01 – a wash

window pattern: wash
window pattern: dots

02 – dots

03 – dashes

window pattern: dashes

Sunday, 10/16

Forecast: light rain


The rain stopped long enough for me to step outside. Yesterday’s observations put me in a certain state of mind. As I strode across the squares on the sidewalk, I couldn’t help but scan my surroundings for more patterns. Debris, caught by the wind and water, fluttered and spun beneath my feet.

street pattern: smudges

04 – trails

05 – scattered

street pattern: scattered
street pattern: smear

06 – smudge

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