Snippet: Reflections

Sometimes, I think that the abundance of rain at the end of the year isn’t just a coincidence of natural cycles and man-made constructs. When I look through the wet landscape and see the glistening reflections, I’m reminded to do some reflecting towards myself as well.


It’s so easy to look outward and marvel at the tiny drops of water—or the flat expanses of shallow puddles—both with their perfect, upside-down worlds contained just beyond the surface. Can I find that if I reflect on what’s happened to me this past year?

Of course, just like those little bodies of water, there’s no use dwelling too deeply on such thoughts. The visions are only on the surface. As soon as one tries to enter, the image is broken, and nothing lies beyond. The same holds true for reflections of our pasts, doesn’t it? We can only look, not touch. There is no re-entering the past, and becoming too enamored of it only causes us pain or exaggerated grandiosity.

Still, there’s worth in reflecting on what we’ve done, who we’ve met, and the experiences we’ve gone through over the past year. Sometimes one only sees the beauty of a moment when viewing it from the other side.

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