Snippet: The Pleasures of Wandering

One of my favorites pastimes is stepping out of the house and making my way to a destination. I realize that sounds quite vague and strange. Specifically, I like stepping out of the house in a good pair of walking shoes and walking through my neighborhood streets.

It’s a great time to slow down, physically and mentally. Almost every form of transportation is faster than walking; regardless of how fast I walk, I’ll never get from point A to point B as fast as I could otherwise. So why rush myself? And then when I let go of this unfulfilled idea to get this over with as soon as possible, then I find my mind letting go of other ideas, too, the ones that leave me unable to enjoy the little things before my very eyes.

Usually I prefer to make the journey alone. That way I can let my mind wander, stop and look more closely at something that caught my attention. Strangers are more likely to smile or say a greeting to the solo passerby than the pair caught up in conversation. But sometimes it’s also pleasant to make the journey with a friend, to enjoy each other’s company and also to share little moments along the way with someone else.

I’ll find my eyes relaxing upon tender brown tendrils that wave in the wind. The soft breeze on my face will caress my face and offer me comfort. The solid ground under my feet reminds me that I am supported, yet I am free to move along my own path. It really is a good day today.

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