Unexpected Windows

A walk in the countryside after lunch. You walk and walk along a path flanked by green fields of still unripe wheat, creating a slightly monotonous view. In the distance you notice a small vibrant spot of color. As you approach, you see something is going on. The feeling that you are in front of a canvas is growing. If looking at a canvas at a museum wall feels like being in front of a window to another world or mind, this feels like a frameless window at a random place. Like a casual layer of order in the middle of randomness. A meta-window – nature inside nature – gracefully displayed.

In this small spot, poppies were placed carefully, beautiful colors were chosen and a lot of interesting textures combined. And as if it was not enough, the play of transparency and lighting and the wind moving the ensemble are the finishing touch. It’s like a not-so-still-life painting. Well, quite animated actually.

I think humans are accustomed to detect patterns. In an environment with no particular order, something that looks too regular or intentional attracts our attention. We may unconsciously associate “order”, “regular” with “man-made” and “unordered” with “natural”, “organic”, although nature also follows really regular patterns sometimes. Take, for example, honeycombs. But this kind of patterns in nature are probably the result of evolution, of how efficient a relation of shape-function was.

Also, when creating art, people usually follow composition rules. We think certain kind of order is beautiful. Would we be able to enjoy, appreciate or understand something that had no order at all? the total entropy? I think not. Every example I can think of follows some kind of pattern, mathematical formula or relationship, even to a small degree. Fortunately, as far as I know there is nothing like that in the universe yet, so we don’t have to decide it now. Meanwhile, we can enjoy the unexpected windows that open from time to time.

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